Parma - Italy October 27 - 30, 2026 #cibustec

“Dry your process, save the planet”… vacuum technologies for sustainable bottling

27.10.2023 | 09:30 am - 10:30 am
Sala Workshop (Pad. 4) – Workshop room (Hall 4)

Ingersoll Rand

Beer bottling process, and many other beverages as such as soft-drinks, has benn fully automatized and monitored thanks to high complexity equipment. Bottleneck is process water and high energy consumption of vacuum technologies currently used. Market introduction of fully engineered solution is able to dramatically reduce energy consumption, up to 65% less, and completely eliminate process water. Retrofitting of existing lines investment ensure an ROI of few months, being completely integrated into bottling line logics of control, a dramatic reduction of your TOC and supports you in exceeding sustainability goals. 

Event in Italian language

Fabio Lumino - Life+ Food and Beverage Market Development Manager Vacuum & Low Pressure Solutions | Industrial Flow Technologies & Services 
Massimiliano De Nardo - Business Manager – VP Tech ETO Industrial Systems