Parma - Italy October 27 - 30, 2026 #cibustec

The reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact in the cold supply chain

25.10.2023 | 10:00 am - 13:00 pm
Sala Workshop (Pad. 4) – Workshop room (Hall 4)


Viale Santuario, 20 – 20831 Seregno (MB)

Surgelati Magazine

Via Chiassatello/Corte Sanac, 100 - 56121 PISA


The meeting highlights how to improve the sustainability of cold supply chain, with a particular focus on the carbon footprint, social impact and energy efficiency. Tools to calculate the impact of the supply chain and tools to improve it will be presented, as well as consolidated and innovative technologies to better manage energy consumption. Some virtuous case histories will show how it is possible to concretely improve the environmental impacts in the cold supply chain.

Italian language event

Speakers Speeches
Leonardo Bindi – Editor and editor in chief of Surgelati Magazine  The frozen food market: challenges and opportunities.
Valerio Sarti – food technologist. Consulting, research and training in the agri-food sector. Viesse Consulting.  

Cristian Di Filippo - Expert in Energy Management and Safety in Workplaces  
Energy efficiency for the sustainability of the cold supply chain. 
Valentina Imperato, Consultant for business sustainability, AzzeroCO2  A sustainable supply chain is good for the economy and the environment - How to integrate sustainability into the value chain and best positionining according to ESG issues
Prof. Ing. Augusto Bianchini, Associate professor - University of Bologna; founder and CEO of Turtle, a spin-off of the University of Bologna dedicated to measuring and improving industrial sustainability.  Sustainability measurement instruments. Environmental impact indicators. 
Unas (National Union of Frozen Food)  The point of view of cold supply chain operators.
Giuseppe Arditi, President of Ristopiù Lombardia  Sustainable management in the distribution phase, focus on cold logistics. The case of Ristopiù Lombardia.


Moderator: Leonardo Bindi – Editor and editor in chief of Surgelati Magazine 


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