Parma - Italy Oct 27 - 30 2026 #cibustec

My Business Cibus Tec is the new online platform developed by the organizers of Cibus Tec for promoting the best technologies and solutions for the food and beverage industry.

This is not just the Cibus Tec exhibitors' catalogue, but rather a powerful, always-active and updatable tool capable of connecting those looking for food & beverage technologies with the best manufacturers of the sector. This is made possible by the presence of hundreds of companies and thousands of solutions, creating numerous business opportunities.


If you are a company specialized in technologies for the food and beverage sector and wish to promote your technolgies, simply acces your reserved area, click on the My Business Cibus Tec tab and register on the portal by providing your company's details, the name of the persone who will handle requests from potential customers, a description of your activity and the technologies and solutions you intend to promote. Include logos and images to benefit from maximum visibility during searches by potential clients.                                                             

Lastly, you will be able to manage the information requests received from your potential customers.


If you are a food and beverage company looking for innovative technologies for your business, register on My Business Cibus Tec, where you can do targeted searches and connect with new potential suppliers by sending direct informations requests.


>>>Register on My Business Cibus Tec!


What are you waiting for? Watch the video to find out how My Business Cibus Tec works and contact our team for more information!