Parma - Italy Oct 27 - 30 2026 #cibustec

Since 1939, technologies and solutions for the processing of fruits and vegetables have been one of the main exhibition areas at Cibus Tec. Here, you can find a wide range of cutting-edge machinery and advanced technologies for the production of a diverse array of products such as juices, sauces, jams, frozen items, and many other derivatives resulting from the processing of vegetables and fruits.

Thanks to its historical significance and the constant presence of hundreds of international technology companies, it is a sector widely visited and appreciated by numerous leading companies in the sector, who aim to enhance the efficiency of their production activities by adopting the most advanced and innovative solutions.


Here are some global brands in the sector that have visited Cibus Tec:


ABC President  Agribologna  Agromir  Agromonte  Agromonte  Albunnia Group  Alce Nero   Alsat  Americana Foods  Amica Chips  Apofruit  Appetais Italia  Arcor  Ardo  Atlantic Grupa  Attianese  Barilla  Bell Food Group  Bervini Primo  Besana  Bofrost Italia  Bonduelle  Calidad Pascual Callipo  Casalasco  Centrale del Latte d'Italia  Cevital   Co.Pro.B. Coelsanus  Colanta  Conaprole  Conserve Italia  Danper Trujillo  De Cecco  Del Monte  Dulcor Alimentos Alimentos  Elbak Empresas Carozzi F. Divella F.lli Carli Findus Italia Nomad Foods  Fini  Fontaneto Fructus Fruttagel  GBFoods  Gelit Gloria Great Giant Food Greci  Grupo Herdez Grupo Jumex  Gruppo Milo  HIT Group  Icatom   Industrie Rolli Alimentari Julius Meinl  Kagome Kioene Kraft Heinz La Doria  La Linea Verde La Regina di San Marzano  La Torrente  Lamar  Lassonde Madi Ventura  Maeil Dairy  Mazoon Dairy Company  Melinda  Menz-Gasser  Murano  Mutti  Nadec  Naturello  Noberasco  Oranfrizer  Orkla  Orogel  Ortoromi  Pacific Coast Producers Pastificio Garofalo  Pastificio Rana  Pedon  Pfanner  Pizzoli  Podravka  Polimark  Ponti  Princes Industrie Alimentari  Red Gold  RFG Foods  Rigoni di Asiago  Rodolfi Mansueto  Sacl&agrave  Seoul Dairy Cooperative  Seoul F&B  SPC  Sterilgarda  Steriltom  Sugal  Sumol+Compal  The Morning Star Company  Trentofrutta  Unilever  Urbani Tartufi  Valsoia  Viru  Vitacress  Vog Products  Watt's  Zerbinati  Zipperle  Zuegg