Parma - Italy October 27 - 30, 2026 #cibustec

CIBUS TEC DIGITAL FACTORY - Put on the VR headset and step into the 5.0 factory

.In Hall 4, within the CIBUS TEC DIGITAL FACTORY area, the future of the food industry comes to life. You will be able to interact with a model of Food Factory 5.0, where digital technologies such as Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), VR (Virtual Reality), and Artificial Intelligence enable the optimization of production efficiency, simplification of maintenance and training operations, making production more sustainable, and enabling new post-sale business models for machine manufacturers.

Monitor the efficiency of connected machines and identify any bottlenecks by accessing real-time operational data. Perform maintenance and training operations in virtual reality. Order spare parts directly from the machine's interactive 3D catalog. Know the production costs and energy consumption of your facilities at any time. But the surprises don't end there! Discover how cognitive artificial intelligence simplifies technical support for facilities and access to corporate knowledge, thanks to a virtual assistant based on Chat-GPT.

Food Factory 5.0 will be based on the technology of 40Factory; in particular, the Industrial IoT solutions MAT and MAT XR by Linkersys, together with the virtual assistant WILSON.AI, will be connected to the machines of participating exhibitors who have already embarked on a successful path of digitizing their offerings.

The goal is to demonstrate how the proper integration of new digital technologies in a collaborative ecosystem logic brings significant advantages to both plant manufacturers, who can expand their service offerings and improve their relationship with customers, and to users of the facilities, who can significantly increase their operational efficiency and optimize asset management costs.

Come to Cibus Tec and discover the potential of the digital factory. The future of the food industry awaits you!

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