Parma - Italy October 27 - 30, 2026 #cibustec

Cibus Tec promotes a meeting of the best and most innovative technologies and the evolution of consumption trends, offering the most complete exhibition showcase of solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Our commitment is to continue to promote and strengthen the food industry’s vision of tomorrow, tending to a growing sustainability and providing consumers with safe and nutritious food.


Fruit and vegetables

We represent the most complete platform of technologies of this sector, from preserves to frozen foods, from juices to convenience food. The most relevant companies too decides their technological investments here in Parma, since 1939.


From over 40 years, we promote the encounter between the best technological solutions for dairy products and the evolution of consumption trends. Our commitment goes on and it contributes to the development of new products more and more safe and nutritious as requested by the consumer of tomorrow. 

Meat and seafood

The power of a district with more than 500 food companies of this sector, the best practices exported all over the world and the presence of the most innovative technology suppliers made us one of the favorite platforms of the global meat industry. 

Beverages and liquid food

There will be many trends influencing the sector: from the need for healthy products to a growing attention to the environment, from the development of interactive packaging to the implementation of blockchain solutions up to the redefinition of consumption opportunities such as ready to drink. All these changes will focus on the analysis of how innovation can affect established technologies to identify new solutions.

Ready meals and pasta

The sector has recently undergone a strong acceleration, which, according to analysts, will continue in the near future also thanks to the essential role of technologies in developing new products. Our attention to the promotion of innovations has led us to present a new exhibition section with the best technologies for pasta and ready meals enriched by events and demonstrations. 

Bakery, cereals and snacks

Functional products, Free From, business diversification and new consumption ways are just some of the trends that we have chosen to identify and promote opportunities for technology suppliers and their prospects. 


The confectionery industry is in constant development but the needs in developing markets are different from those of the mature economies. We have segmented suppliers, tecnologies and food industries to allow our exhibitors and visitors to achieve success quickly. 

Packaging and end of line

The development of new packaging technologies and materials is often linked to new global challenges. Thanks to our knowledge of both trends and needs of the food and beverage Industry, the packaging section has grown exponentially, leading Cibus Tec to become one of the most innovative events for the sector. 

Logistics and traceability

Reduced times and growing needs for safety, reliability and flexibility. Supply chain solutions must already meet and satisfy new requirements but will have to demonstrate their reliability in the most complex systems of tomorrow. We are ready to be with your company in the future. 

Automation, digital, robot and control

The recent pandemic situation has shown that many activities cannot be carried out without the use of technology and a strong impetus for the development of automation in the food and beverage industry has ensued. Cibus Tec is an excellent opportunity to present and learn about the best innovations for the sector. 

Food safety, hygiene, energy and environment

These are four of the most important issues of the next future and impose on all food industries a growing awareness and knowledge of the techniques and available solutions, with the aim of granting total quality for the consumer and sustainable production. This, at Cibus Tec, is reality. 

Laboratory and analysis

The world of the laboratory is changing: from equipment running analysis and data collection in the most effective way to networked devices with smart functions; from secure data handling to analyzes on authenticity, residues and contents. At Cibus Tec we leave the floor to the laboratory of the future. 


Wellness, health, extended shelf life, safety, advanced fusion products and new sensory experiences are some of the challenges of the food industry. This is the reason why we promote business and training activities together with the key players of the sector.