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I wish to express my congratulations for Cibus Tec’s excellent organization this year. We will certainly be attending the 2019 edition as well.
Rossella Wolhfarth
Cibus Tec 2016 was a good opportunity for us at Cefla to discuss cogeneration and trigeneration technology, essential today for many food industries, starting with the fruit and vegetable and meat processing sectors.
(Comment posted on Linkedin)
Interest from Italian and international clients is even greater than two years ago. Cibus Tec is now an exhibition open to the whole world. Through this event, our companies can develop an overall view of the market and generate interest from countries that have not yet been fully explored.
Roberto Catelli
(Interview – La Gazzetta di Parma – 26 Oct. 2016)
Excellent organization, professional in every detail, I think it was a real turning point. Exhibitors’ requirements were met fully and in an absolutely transparent way, starting with an absolutely essential aspect: the work done to attract visits from international partners.
Andrea Ferrari
I noticed a great turnout and we met our key clients; another very interesting factor was the internationalization of the exhibition. From the organizational standpoint I found great professionalism and an innovative approach in presenting and promoting initiatives in support of the exhibiting companies.
Simona Colli
ESPERA has a special connection with CIBUS TEC: the 2014 event helped to introduce our new Branch, ESPERA ITALIA, bringing it to the attention of Italian and international players, and enabling us also to make the Branch’s first sales.
CIBUS TEC 2016 was once again a great event that highlighted us as one of the most qualified competitors in the sector. We not only had many visitors, we had expert visitors who were genuinely interested in setting up a collaboration with ESPERA, unquestionably one of the world leaders in the sector.
The effectiveness of CIBUS TEC 2016 was also boosted by the presence and interest of the large Italian Industrial Groups.
In conclusion I can say that CIBUS TEC was, once again, an excellent testimonial for an excellent brand such as ESPERA.
Andrea Bertoli
I must say that the atmosphere, the energy, and the overall feeling were all definitely positive.
Giancarlo Vicario.
(interview on YouTube channel Itfoodonline)
We have been attending Cibus Tec from the beginning and the exhibition has gone from strength to strength through the years as concerns quality, exhibition stands and what is on offer. The 2016 edition again attracted a great variety of Italian and foreign visitors, with whom we engaged in talks of varying importance. The exhibition has taken an even more international approach in recent years.
Cibus Tec was an opportunity for FAM to meet many of our Italian clients and to get to know new ones at the same time.
FAM took advantage of the trade fair to introduce on the market new machines which were very well received by visitors.
Annette and Joris Aarts
Cibus Tec 2016 did not disappoint expectations, the number of visitors has increased exponentially.
Cibus Tec 2016 was a great edition, it gave us the opportunity to meet major foreign clients and we trust it will be possible to turn the contacts we made into profitable relationships.
Alberto Maggiani
(Interview in Formaggi & Consumi)
Cibus Tec continues to be one of the world’s most innovative events and it was the ideal platform for showcasing the high level of competence of GEA Italy, with its broad portfolio of cutting edge process technology and solutions.
(Article in
ILPRA has always attended Cibus Tec without fail.
For ILPRA it represents a typically Italian event, in which to promote Made in Italy to the world.
From the start, ILPRA has been promoting and relaunching globally its own food and non-food technology, innovations and solutions. Thanks to its orientation towards internationalization, Cibus Tec 2016 has been an ideal opportunity for us to showcase beyond national borders our outstanding products in the processing&packaging sector.
An exhibition dedicated to the food sector that produces a high quantity of contacts, most of which in our target markets. Excellent exposure and high turnout that was well spread out over the 4 days.
Laura Carena
The Cibus Tec edition that just ended will be remembered for a long time as the dawn of the rebirth of Italy’s major exhibition in the food technology sector.
There were a great number of clients at the Parma exhibition, as had not been seen for years, and numerous delegations of foreign buyers.
There were also many independent foreign buyers, undoubtedly attracted by the synergy with Cologne. The pavilion halls had an atmosphere of vitality, international character and real business.
Andrea Lazzari
(Article in Eurocarni Dec. 16)
Cibus Tec is once more a key international exhibition, the vast majority of visitors were from abroad, from markets that are very important to us.
Thea Giordano
My verdict of this edition of Cibus Tec is excellent, given the much greater turnout than in the previous edition.
Alessandro Puppo
(Interview in Formaggi & Consumi)
As always an event that attracts leading international Buyers who are genuinely interested in meeting established and potential new suppliers. We find the event very interesting for our business from the points of view of both strengthening relationships and creating new partnerships.
The 2016 edition of Cibus Tec met the same standards of excellence as the previous edition, which had already achieved record levels in terms of quantity and quality of leads collected.
Paolucci Stefano
We are particularly pleased with the turnout of Italian and international operators who, when visiting our Group’s stand, appreciated the innovations on display and found technological solutions that met their production needs.
Mario Amato
We have attended different editions of Cibus Tec and we have noticed that in the last few years the exhibition has had a higher turnout and an ever increasing presence of qualified visitors. The last edition was again a successful experience for Risco because of the significant increase in new contacts, though mostly Italian. We believe that Cibus Tec can offer Italian and foreign buyers a comprehensive showcase of innovative technology, systems and solutions for the food industry and we are confident that this positive growth trend will continue in the next editions.
Rita Dal Maso
It was an excellent edition, we are really satisfied. We are sure to be there for the next edition.
Roberto Laurentini
We are back at Cibus Tec after three editions and we are pleased with how the exhibition went.
Walter Saccardo
(Interview in Salumi & Consumi)
Cibus Tec is an important opportunity for meeting our loyal partners, as well as new clients.
Michele Wrobel
(Interview in Salumi & Consumi)
Cibus Tec 2016 was a great exhibition, even more international this year, and we are particularly happy with the number of visitors who crowded our stand.
Antonella Bianchino
(Interview in Formaggi & Consumi)
We are very pleased with the way Cibus Tec went: we had many Italian and foreign visitors.  Sordi Impianti has been attending Cibus Tec since its first edition and we plan to be back in the coming years.
Roberto Menardo
It is an event that offers great exposure and the opportunity to find new clients.
Deborah Salati
Cibus Tec is on an upward trajectory in relation to the previous editions and if this trend is confirmed it is a good opportunity.
Motta Andrea
Cibus Tec is once again the point of reference for Italian and foreign companies seeking innovative technological solutions for the food sector. The success of this event is evidenced by the many projects developed during the exhibition that were actually implemented in the following 6 months.
Marco Cortese
Very interesting exhibition and technologies for our business; we met suppliers able to serve us.
Tunisia – Fruit & Vegetables sector
I’ve found the solutions we needed in order to realize a big technological investment.
Italy – Dairy sector
It was a good opportunity to meet in one place business partners, to discuss projects, to see what is new.
Lithuania – Technologies distributor
Cibus Tec it’s the main food tech exhibition in Italy, and one of the most important in the world.
Italy – Fruit & Vegetables sector
Extraordinary technological offer, everything you may need for the production and packaging of cheeses.
Venezuela – Dairy
For my sector of interest I’ve found a really good technological offer.
Italy – Bakery and Confectionery sector
Cibus Tec provides a wide range of equipment for entrepreneurs who venture in the food industry.
Peru – Fruit & Vegetables sector
The show is well organized and hosts many high quality exhibitors.
Italy – Bakery sector
Good opportunity to find the proper equipment for our investments.
Russia – Beverages sector
It’s the national and key event for the dairy sector; you can always find new and innovative ideas and contents.
Italy – Dairy sector
At Cibus Tec there were many new technologies and a lot of very important companies.
The Netherlands – Sauces and condiments sector
Well organized in several exhibition sectors which allow to focus in our interest areas. Parma is a very agreable city.
Mexico – Beverages sector
Great opportunity to find many suppliers and see a lot of equipment.
Portugal – Fruit & Vegetables and Beverages sectors
Trade show really well organized with a lot of exhibitors with the latest technological trends.
Italy – Bevareges sector
I was perfectly satisfied with Cibus Tec and with the suppliers that I met.
Tunisia – Bakery and confectionery sector
I consider Cibus Tec a really important chance to meet new products and companies.
Italy – Retailer
You can find numerous solutions for the meat and cured meat sector, with interesting innovations for processing, packaging and labelling.
Italy – Meat and cured meat sector
I will recommend it to a colleague, at Cibus Tec you can find technologies and equipment that you can’t find in other food tech shows.
Mexico – Fruit & Vegetables and Beverages sectors
An excellent opportunity to conclude deals for high level technology.
Algeria – Meat sector
At Cibus Tec I met very good companies, which are making good quality machinery.
Pakistan – Technolgies distributor
Many exhibitors, multiple equipments and solutions where shown: for sure a complete overview of the market.
Italy – Meat and cured meat sector
I was able to discover the best technological innovation for the agro-industry.
Chile – Technolgies distributor
We’ve found advanced technology able to satisfy our needs.
Italy – Sauces and condiments sector
It seemed like the perfect place to meet and start business relations with new companies.
Greece – Dairy sector
At Cibus Tec it’s possible to meet, evaluate and touch with hands the top quality equipment for the food and beverage industries.
Italy – Beverages sector
It’s the most important food tech event in Italy, during every edition you can view the best technologies applied to equipment
Italy – Meat and cured meat sector
It’s a growing event, with the participation of key players.
Italy – Pasta sector
Event well organized and structured, with the presence of all the most important companies of the sector; an event to recommend to all the companies that are evaluate investments.
Italy – Meat and Cheese sector
It’s a growing event, where I’ve personally found interesting solutions for my company.
Italy – Meat and Bakery products sector
We are astonished about the greatness of this exhibition and we are very happy being here.
Meiji Co.
Everything I was looking for, I could find a supplier for. This was a unique experience.
Tiger Consumer Brands
South Africa
Excellent organization, great suppliers, new technology.
Inaexpo – Pronaca
Everything was very well organized. The exhibitions had many technologies of interest.
Very well managed and the companies met were whom we wished to see. Very good job in organising the event.
Alliance Group
New Zealand
Cibus Tec es sin duda la mejor feria de procesos.
It’s very amazing to attended at Cibus Tec.
PT Agel Langgeng
We were able to spend quality time to explore the many business opportunities and the new technology at the show.
Hu Lee Impex Pte Ltd
Ha hecho posible encontrar proveedores pero también realizar uniones y encuentros entre fabricantes de diversos países. Se va a convertir en una cita Internacional infaltable en nuestras agendas futuras.
Galletera Trigo de Oro
Everything was excellent.
Cooperativa Dos Pinos
Costa Rica
A lot of useful information and new knowledge on meat industries equipment.
That the experience was much better than expected. Cibus Tec in on my to do list.
Greenyard Frozen
The lay-out of the exhibition was organized professionally which made very convenient to visit around each booth. We could see more new Italian innovations on factory automation and hygiene equipments.
PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry
The overall impression is very good. It’s a very technical fair.
Windau GmbH
Can meet almost the majority of Italian companies in one exhibitions.
Harvest Foods
Technology displayed was extraordinary. The guide and layout helped in choosing the respective stalls for Business agenda.
Parle global technologies
The advantage was that we could meet our target clients easily.
Excel foods
Cibus Tec was a very rewarding experience for me. I look forward for the next Cibus Tec.
Lisko Foodstuff
This was my 1st time to Italy, I knew some companies, attending the event helped me to know other products, processing and related equipment. Overall it was a great experience.
W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions
I have in Parma all the availability for my equipment needs.
Alimentos SAS
Cibus Tec 2016 was very well organized and very informative. There were a lot of interesting machinery exhibitors on site.
Hainich Konserven
It’s an excellent exhibition with a great variety of technologies. You can compare and choose. It’s a very important exhibition on the international scale.