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Cibus Tec 2019 presents a special area dedicated to the promotion of young italian Startup companies representing the _“food tech revolution” applied to Food & Bev processing, packaging and logistics, a driver for change and key instrument for an innovative and more sustainable supply chain

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Basca is an innovative startup aiming to make your container and tank cleaning process enviro-friendly and more sustainable.
What we do?Cleaning equipment for industrial tanks and containers, automatically integrated with effluent treatment systems.Why we do this?There are a million reasons, here are the most important for us…
Manual cleaning is not sustainable and unsafe for workers;
We care about the environment and want to do something to reduce waste and pollution;
You probably spend a lot of money on washing fluids and waste disposal, spend a lot of time and energy and do not get the results you expect.How can Basca help you?Basca offers complete consultancy service, starting by performing specific cleaning test, installing a Basca Washing Machine, improving your cleaning cycle with specific accessories and providing you with ETS – Effluents Treatment Systems to improve even further the sustainability of your cleaning process. If you already own a Basca Washing machine or a third party washing machine or ETS we can provide you with upgrade solutions and a whole range of spare parts with a best price guaranteed policy.


Becaitaly Srl is an innovative start-up that has developed an innovative methodology with which you can proceed to disinfection and disinfestation of environments.
This method is applied to a system able to defragment the water and bring it to drops with a diameter of 7.5 microns, which allow you to disinfect and / or disinfect large industrial environments through the use of very little water, very little chemical product and without the use of electricity, but only with water and air (air replaces the electricity) reducing any type of bacterial charge and / or insect that it is creeping and / or flying.
The methodology has been studied and tested in environments of various sizes and cubes in the food industry, in particular in animal husbandry, its effectiveness and efficiency is certified by accredited laboratory tests ACCREDIA.


Bulltec was born with the aim of creating electronic calibrating machines for tubers and vegetables within the reach of all users of machines in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. after careful research and development, we were able to create simple graders in their use and maintenance. The cost of these machines is unprecedented.


Following twenty years of experience in the field of metalworking, the Italian star-up FACTORY 07 was born, aimed at satisfying the complex needs of an industry that is constantly evolving in step with technological innovation and growing market demands; services that exploit laeding technologies, an important know-how and a business network to meet any need.FACTORY 07 makes flexibility and dynamism its strengths, immediately fulfilling the customer’s requests whatever is required of us, the all ISO 9001 certified. In addition, we have recently developed cleaning and video inspection equipment for small and large ventilation ducts.


We are an Italian start-up, a team of professionals with years of experience in the field of information technology and traceability of temperature-controlled goods transport.
FROSTED, gives the certainty that the products are stored and transported in compliance with the optimal conditions required by final consumers and the environment.
In the light of increasing demand, our solution stems for consumer protection and a careful analysis of what is present on the market in the control of goods.


Hotbox’s mission is to set the new food delivery standard.
We believe that the love for delicious food is universal. For this, in an exploding market as the one of food deliveries, we invented and Patented Hotbox. Hotbox is The Professional oven that with its HotAir and SteamFree technology allows you to deliver food at 85C without humidity for more than 40 minutes of transport.
Making multiple deliveries on a single trip you can Save on delivery costs, you can increase your delivery radius and thus reach more clients and you’ll get happier clients that leaves higher reviews on the digital platforms.
Last but not least, using phrases like we will take the food out of the oven at your doorstep you’ll get higher ROI on your marketing campaigns.
At Hotbox we are about: “Taste the food, not the Journey”


We helps companies managing the Shop Floor operations in a broad sense and to solve many issues: from gathering machine data to the analytics built on it, we support all activities such as quality control, work order management, row material track and trace, maintenance, production planning and scheduling (with AI) and more with a unique modular and innovative approach.
We are redesigning the new concept of MES/MOM solution and adapting to the new era.
TechMass offers an end to end solution which means we provide the hardware, the software, the support, the flexibility, and configurability to customize and to interconnect our solution to any other vertical. All with a SaaS (renting) business model for machine per month.
Loss elimination & continuous improvement, based upon the best supply chain practices learned in many years of activities in Procter & Gamble, are the principles upon which we build the solution. For every machine, we provide the IoT hardware paired with a Tablet the App for line operators


The start up TomaPaint srl has been founded at the beginning of March 2019. The core business of the project is the industrialization and commercialization of a natural bio-resin obtained from industrial tomato processing by-products (mainly skins).
The bio-resin will be the main component of a bio-lacquer, intended for the application on the internal and external surfaces of the metal cans for foodstuffs in substitution of the traditional, standard oil-based lacquers. The starting material is cutin, a component of the cuticle of the tomato peels. TomaPaint meets the demand for sustainable production and for the safeguarding of consumer health by aligning with the principles of the circular economy, valorising agro-industrial by-products and using renewable resources.
This is thanks to a patented process for extracting cutin from tomatoes industrial by-products, a molecule that is the basis for the production of an innovative bio-lacquer which can be used for the coating of food metal packaging.

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