Cibus Tec Industry 4.0


Since 2011 Cibus Tec proposed itself as the first event aimed to the food technology sector to enrich its contents with an innovative and unique initiative. What better way to give visitors the opportunity to see running machines and technologies offered during the show? And what better showcase for exhibitors to display the latest solutions dedicated to the food & beverage world?

The CIBUS TEC Industry 4.0  project was born thanks to this idea, which thanks to the collaboration of a growing number of technological partners, has allowed us to recreate several highly automated and really working lines that showed some phases of processing and packaging of food products.

The project started during Cibus Tec 2011, has seen the realization of two working demonstration units: one dedicated to portioning of mozzarella cubes and one dedicated to the production and packaging of sandwiches. In particular, the sandwich line, foresaw the use of food products,starting from bread and ham slicing, to additioning of mayonnaise until the sandwich is packed and ready for consumption.

Thanks to the great success of the initiative, it was created in 2012, in synergy with the Cargo Goods Exchange, “CIBUS TEC INDUSTRY – SPECIAL EVENT” dedicated to the meat world. Indeed, we realized three working lines dedicated to: portioned, sliced ​​and ground product.

The project as well as the event has developed and grew edition after edition and in 2014, indeed, the two lines (ready soups and pre-sliced ​​salami) also had a clean room with ventilation system and employees in their interior that followed the correct functioning of the line.

On the occasion of Cibus Tec 2016, we decided to realize 3 different highly automated and really functional lines, dedicated to: sliced ​​salami, sliced ​​cheese and filled biscuits.

Click the link below to get more detailed information on the lines created during the 2016 edition.

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