More than 70 years history

Cibus Tec has been serving the food and beverages industry for more than 70 years; undisputed leader in the sectors of processing and packaging for vegetables, fruit, milk and by-products

LogotecoconserveThe roots of Cibus Tec go back to Tecnoconserve Exhibition: a witness and forerunner in technologies and production techniques. The show accompanied the evolution of one of the most dynamic and strategic sectors in the food economy: the tomato cycle and vegetables processing. From machinery and harvesting techniques to selection of raw materials and logistics, from industrial processing to packaging technologies.

LogomilcDuring this long story, in the 70s, MILC was created, a specialized event dedicated to dairy industry technologies. Once more, the leadership of Cibus Tec was established in another strategic field in Italy and all over the world.


Now Cibus Tec is one of the most innovative worldwide events that offers a full range of solutions – from ingredients to process technologies, from packaging to logistics – for all food industry sectors.